My work turns around animation and design.

I start working as product designer for several years in Martín Azúa Studio. I enjoyed a lot that work.
Then I decided to go inside the stop motion animation world, funding CITOPLASMAS studio with Irene Iborra on 2008. This years we have created a lot of different projects, animating from plasticine or clay, paper, lights, human bodies or even food.
The most ambitious project is CLICK, our last shortfilm, a 3 year production released on 2013.

One of my big projects is the KINETICARMATURES online store. 14 years ago I started building my own armatures for Citoplasmas movies and now we design, build and ship stop motion armatures all around the world.

I also work FREELANCE as, stop motion animator, designer, puppetmaker, creating origamis, or anything I could be good on.

To share my projects, I started a YOUTUBE channel, there you will find all the things I like to make.

Please don't doubt to contact me for any crazy project.

see you!!