Stop motion animation

FOAMY a shortfilm by Edu Puertas
Stop motion animation 2′ 50”

The story of 3 curious WC paper rolls discovering new things.

Voices by: Núria Parera, Carlos Puertas, Edu Puertas
Music, foamy theme by: Aleix Elizalde, Albert Riera, Pablo del Canto, Xavier Manjarin
Music, hard december by: Teru
Rig armatures by:
In colaboration with:

Best animation and Audience award Ull Nu 2013


This is CLICK, the last stop motion shortfilm by Citoplasmas, and the biggest and most ambitious animation project I’ve never been involved in, 3 years hard working, but soon it will be realised. Hope you enjoy it!

CLICK is the story of a man trapped by his job. And suddenly, in his daily routine: CLICK!, a fish.

Direction and animation : Eduard Puertas, Irene Iborra
Screenplay: Irene Iborra
Character design: Chiquimedia
DP : Gema Briones
Editor: Fernando Pomares
Original Soundtrack: Fabio Ammannati and Martín Martí
Actor: Michele Rossi
Produced by Citoplasmas.
Sponsored by Jordi Sagristà and Modiband

Audience award in ALCINE 2013 (spain)
BEST STOP MOTION SHORT 2014 ANIMAYO Festival Internacional (spain)


The terrible and funny consequences of a boring class are revealed in this stop-motion clay animation.
It took 5 months to create this short, two of them animating in a small and claustrophovic room. We finish as crazy as our student.
Directed by david gautier, Irene Iborra, Edu Puertas
This short tooks part in Annecy Film Festival and the MTV Artbreak project.

Baummann v.04 Festival de Curtmetratges (Terrassa) 2o premio animación;
Barcelona VisualSound 2004. Premio del público animación;
IV Caos Shortfilm Festival 05. Bilbao, España. Sección Competitiva. 1er premio animación;
MÍNIMA 2005. 1/2 Mostra de Vídeo-Curt. Gandía. España. 1er premio animación;
1er Premio animación; Festival de Cortometrajes l’Ovul Baix Llobregat 2005. Premio del público de animación;
FESCIGU 2005. Fest. Cine solidario de Guadalajara. España. Premio del público sección Requetecortos;
Animamundi 2005, Brasil;
III Festival de curtmetratges a la Platja. Critdart 05.España. Segundo Premio;
Festival de Cinema Internacional de Girona 2005. Mención especial del Jurado Animación;
CINANIMA Espinho, Portugal 2005. Premio del público de operas primas;
Festival de cortometrajes Artífice de LOJA,Granada .2005. Premio SILVANIA al mejor corto de animación;